This solar-powered robot wipes out garden weed

Jun 15, 2017, 7:15 AM EDT
(Source: Алексей М/flickr)
(Source: Алексей М/flickr)

Massachusetts-based Franklin Robotics has developed a solar-powered robot, called Tertill, which strolls in the garden, detects weeds by a simple mechanism and eliminates them. The device is weather-proof and packed with sensors that differentiate between plants and weeds depending on their height.

High plants, on coming in contact with Tertill, activate its sensors that turn in a different direction but weeds, which are usually short and pass under the robot’s shell, activate another sensor switching on the weed cutter, writes Kickstarter.

Tertill, expected to hit the markets by March 2018, can be a popular product as it saves hobbyists and amateur gardeners from frustrating and painful activity of weeding, notes Digital Trends.