Bogota hosts the world’s largest vertical garden

Jun 13, 2017, 8:31 AM EDT
(Source: Ignacio Solano Cabello/flickr)
(Source: Ignacio Solano Cabello/flickr)

Environment innovators show no signs of yielding even as concrete jungles continue to eat up our land spaces. An example is a plant-covered building in the heart of Bogota, which is the world’s largest vertical garden with over 115,000 plants of 10 species and 5 different families.

The high-rise vertical garden on the building, called Edificio Santalaia, is a work of Spanish green designers Paisajismo Urbano and Colombian company Groncol, writes Oddity Central.

The garden, dubbed as an icon of sustainability, has the capacity to produce oxygen for more than 3,100 people for a year, trap about 800 pounds of dust and filter over 2,000 tons of harmful gases, notes Inhabitat.