New battery tech charges electric car in 5 minutes

May 18, 2017, 7:44 AM EDT
(Source: Håkan Dahlström/flickr)
(Source: Håkan Dahlström/flickr)

Storedot, an Israeli startup, has developed a new technology called Flashbattery, which it claims can fully charge an electric car in just 5 minutes, a time period far less than Tesla’s SuperCharger  that takes 75 minutes to completely juice up an electric vehicle.

The Flashbattery technology replaces the elements of conventional Lithium-ion battery with non-flammable, nano-organic substances, which make it lightning fast at charging besides enhancing safety levels, writes The Technews.

The technology could give a boost to electric vehicle industry as quick charging time would prompt more people embrace EV form of transportation for long distances, notes New Atlas.

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