Startup develops AI tool to diagnose lung cancer

May 09, 2017, 7:06 AM EDT
(Source: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center/flickr)
(Source: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center/flickr)

In China, where lung cancer claims nearly 600,000 lives every year, a startup called Infervision, has developed a tool that uses machine learning and computer vision to diagnose the deadly disease.

The new system relies on a digital health record, developed by Chinese hospitals in the aftermath of SARS outbreak in 2003, writes Tech Crunch.  

The approach seeks to ease the mounting pressure on Chinese doctors, who are hard pressed to perform repetitive, time-consuming task of identifying cancer, notes Geek Reply. By delegating this task to artificial intelligence, Infervision endeavors to free up overburdened medical resources in addition to accelerating the diagnosis and making it more accurate.