Artificial sunlight may give truckers a “mental boost”

May 03, 2017, 6:38 AM EDT
(Source: Fernando de Sousa/flickr)
(Source: Fernando de Sousa/flickr)

Confined cabin spaces, long driving hours, no fixed sleeping routine and isolation from family - all these factors make a trucker’s life grim and gloomy. Now, a two-week experiment at Daimler has found that “artificial sunlight” could mitigate such negativities and improve the mental state of the drivers.

In the experiment, the researchers mimicked daylight by using light of a wavelength between 460 and 490 nanometers, notes New Atlas. The participating truckers not only felt a positive change in their mood but also drove more economically when compared to their driving in sun-deprived hours.   

The company plans to further analyze the results to make relevant changes to its lighting and cabin design in its trucks so as to improve the quality of life and work for truck drivers, writes