Storage firm raises $30m to de-clutter your homes

Apr 21, 2017, 2:49 AM EDT
(Source: OuiShare/flickr)
(Source: OuiShare/flickr)

MakeSpace, a storage startup based in New York, recently raised a $30 million funding to solve what it describes as an “average middle class problem.” In the U.S., where the storage market is estimated to be about $30 billion a year, MakeSpace is leading an industry shakeup with a strong network of cost-efficient storage facilities, distribution centers, high-tech inventory management and pick-up and drop-off mechanism.

MakeSpace has brought in technology in a market that lacked innovation for long. The company has a tailor-made app that customers can use to order pickup, delivery or to track their stored items in the warehouse, notes Both Sides.

The startup, which nurtures ambitious plans to establish itself as a “thought leader” in home living, currently charges $59 a month to cater to the storage needs of its customers in New York, writes Tech Crunch

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