Scientists decode master key to unlock any phone

Apr 17, 2017, 6:06 AM EDT
(Source: CPOA/flickr)
(Source: CPOA/flickr)

Drawing inspiration from the heroics of master key, which can open any lock, computer scientists at New York University and Michigan State are working to create a digital replica of fingerprints that could one day unlock any phone.

Following the analysis of some 800 fingerprints in a digital database, the scientists found that a “master print” can mimic them with 26 to 65 percent accuracy, depending upon the size of the catalog, writes The Huffington Post.

The “master print” exploits the security loophole arising due to the small size of fingerprint sensors on smartphones, notes Popular Science. As the size shrinks, the chances that portions of two or more fingerprints match each other get stronger, a vulnerability that serves as the base of “master print” theory.