Geek builds own iPhone with $300 recycled parts

Apr 17, 2017, 4:09 AM EDT
(Source: LWYang/flickr)
(Source: LWYang/flickr)

Scotty Allen, an American hacker and software engineer, recently pulled off an experiment, which he believes, highlights the globalized spirit of the electronics industry. The geek, who lives part-time in Shenzhen, China, scavenged cell phone parts from the country’s chaotic electronics market to build his own iPhone 6S in roughly two months and about $300.

The broad range of cell phone parts available in Shenzhen’s bustling cell phone markets is what inspired Allen to take up the unusual project, writes Popular Science.

Most of the parts, including phone’s logic board, the corresponding TouchID sensor and the camera, are genuine Apple components while the metal casing that houses the circuitry comes from another manufacturer. Allen has posted a 24-minute video revealing how he assembled his own iPhone 6s with recycled parts.