Startup rehashing boring docs bags $1.5m funding

Apr 12, 2017, 4:22 AM EDT
(Source: iTech Villaz/flickr)
(Source: iTech Villaz/flickr)

Qwilr, an Australian startup co-founded by ex-Google-executive Mark Tanner and Dylan Baskind, turns boring business documents into interactive and insightful websites, an idea that has earned the company a funding of $1.5 million from Berlin-based venture capitalist firm Point Nine.

Tanner says he identified the business opportunity as he observed how the medium for making presentations and sales pitch changed over the years from paper to Word, PowerPoint and P.D.F.s, writes The Australian. Tanner believes his software venture can play an important role in bringing an imminent paradigm shift in the documents of future.

Qwilr not just prettifies business documents but also provides its customers with analytics support, helping them tailor targeted interactions with their readers, notes Tech Crunch. The company claims to have served some 40,000 business from 80 countries.

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