Google Wifi adds feature to cut your internet urge

Apr 04, 2017, 6:15 AM EDT
(Source: home thods/flickr)
(Source: home thods/flickr)

If you fail to control your urge to check emails or social media feeds during odd hours, Google Wi-Fi has a solution with its new “Scheduled Pause” option. The feature lets the user automatically block internet connectivity to certain devices, which the company says, could be handy in keeping the kids away from phones during dinner, homework time, or bedtime.

“Schedule Pause” allows the user to label devices and specify exceptions keeping certain devices, like smart T.V. or desktop, connected to the internet while other gadgets remain cut off, writes 9to5 Google.

Internet blockades can be set with multiple timers and for different repeat patterns, for example halting the connectivity for kids’ only on school nights, reports The Verge. With the new feature, Google joins the router companies, like Eero and family-oriented Torch, which are already offering similar facilities. 

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