Mexico literally showers “tequila shots” in Berlin

Mar 30, 2017, 7:55 AM EDT
(Source: Kim Lowton/flickr)
(Source: Kim Lowton/flickr)

Mexico tourism board is experimenting with a unique way to lure visitors to the country and it’s really intoxicating. The board teamed up with Lapiz, a Chicago-based creative agency, to create a “tequila cloud,” which is programmed to rain tequila every time it rains is Berlin.

The installation, currently on display in a Berlin art gallery, turns tequila into invisible mist with the use of ultrasonic humidifiers, and when condensed, this mist precipitates as liquid tequila, which visitors can pour in glass themselves, writes Travel + Leisure.

The tequila cloud project, aimed at attracting German tourists to Mexico, mixes a Mexican thing (tequila) that Berliners love with Germany’s rainy weather that they hate, notes Design Boom. The innovative theme serves as a reminder to Germans that sunny days await in Mexico, encouraging them to book an escapade south of the American border.