British airlines told to pick U.K. base or major routes

Mar 22, 2017, 7:38 AM EDT
(Source: Albert Lugosi/flickr)
(Source: Albert Lugosi/flickr)

European Union chiefs have told U.K.-based airlines that they must shift their headquarters from Britain to Europe after Brexit to continue their flights on major routes within the continent. In a series of private meetings, the E.U. officials have also reminded airline executives to sell off shares to European nationals, sparking fears of job cut in Britain as a result of the financial and operational restructuring.

The development, which comes just days after British Prime Minister triggered Article 50, is expected to draw an equally stern response from the U.K., leaving E.U.-owned airlines with limited options, notes The Guardian.

The aviation industry hopes that the E.U. and Britain strike an early deal during Article 50 negotiations, which would minimize the damages and negate the uncertainties that might cost dearly to airlines, reports The Irish Times.