Startup builds 3D-printed house in less than a day

Mar 08, 2017, 5:55 AM EST
(Source: Apis Cor)
(Source: Apis Cor)

Providing a glimpse of the boundless potential of 3D-printing technology, Apis Cor, a California-based start-up, has developed a round, flat-roofed kind of urban igloo in less than 24 hours and at one-third of the usual costs. The house, built by an advanced crane-sized 3D mobile printing machine, has generated headlines as it sets the stage for the rise of “fast, eco-friendly, efficient and reliable” methods of construction.

Printed at a snow-covered site in Russia, the first 3D-printed house costs under $11,000, reports Live Science. Unlike conventional 3D-printing approach where individual panels are produced at an off-site facility, this house was built by printing a fully connected structure with walls and partitions as the site itself.

3D-printing technology not only promises to change the face of the Earth but experts believe some day manned-Mars missions will carry such machines along for quickly building efficient dwellings over there, notes Irish Times