Toyota testing cars with backseat driver software

Mar 07, 2017, 6:12 AM EST
(Source: MIKI Yoshihito/flickr)
(Source: MIKI Yoshihito/flickr)

Automaker Toyota is testing a backseat copilot software that can autonomously take over the control of a vehicle if it spots the driver unaware of a dangerous situation on road. The system, called “Guardian,” is equipped with cameras, radars and other sensors that simultaneously track the movement outside the car and also the driver’s head movement and gaze to guess if the person is unprepared to avert a potential accident.

Ryan Eustice, V.P. of autonomous driving at Toyota Research Institute, says it may take years for fully driverless cars to relieve humans of their driving duties, so for now, the backseat co-pilot approach can fill gap and ensure greater levels of public safety, notes MIT Technology Review.

Toyota is sensitive to the challenges that accompany this technology, writes Tech.2. The instances, if any, where the copilot system sends an inaccurate alert, would not only hurt its credibility but might also leave the driver prone to new sorts of accidents. 

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