Singapore to get world’s first “virtual replica city”

Feb 28, 2017, 3:50 AM EST
(Source: Mike Behnken/flickr)
(Source: Mike Behnken/flickr)

Singapore's National Research Foundation and its collaborates are set to launch an ambitious project that will see the rise of a virtual version of the city-state, allowing urban planners to navigate the digital replica with access to massive trails of data.

The project, named Virtual Singapore, blends 3D modeling and virtual reality technology for designing a digital abstract that would allow city planners to trial their ideas without the need to test them in actual, physical environments, writes Seeker.

Virtual Singapore would be packed with all kind of data like climate, demographics, energy consumption, building elevation, and even the location of trees, which would be superimposed with 3D imagery in the real-time to help planners visualize a clear picture of a site, notes Business Insider.

The authorities also plan to make the platform available to private businesses such as architecture firms, utility providers, transportation companies and others to encourage more planned, efficient, economical and sustainable development in the city.