Russia startup shows off world’s first "flying bike"

Feb 21, 2017, 4:17 AM EST
Hoversurf's flying vessel is a blend of motorbike and quadcopter.
(Source: Design Boom)

A Russian startup, Hoversurf, recently unveiled a prototype of a unique, electric-powered vessel that combines the motorcycle concept with quadcopter drone technology, creating a fully-manned hoverbike that makes flying accessible to both professional and amateur navigators. The compact machine, called Scorpion-3, is equipped with inbuilt software for complete manual and automated control.

According to the company, the hoverbike, which weighs about 120 kilograms and can achieve a speed of up to 50 kilometers per hour at a height of 10 meters, could become an integral part of the future transport system, writes Design Boom.

Hoversurf projected the aircraft as “an extreme sports instrument,” bracketing it with other “cool-looking passenger-ready prototypes like Malloy, Aeofex, E-volo, and Ehang, notes The Verge. With engineers and investors making big strides in developing hoverbike technology, it remains a fascinating affair to wait for the next advance. 

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