Skin hydration sensor to gauge your thirst level

Jan 31, 2017, 4:21 AM EST
(Source: r. nial bradshaw/flickr)
(Source: r. nial bradshaw/flickr)

Researchers from North Carolina State University have engineered a wireless hydration sensor that tracks a person’s thirst levels and sends alert when the user is vulnerable to health problems related to heat stress. The wearable device, priced at about one dollar, is being viewed as a massive boost to hydration sensing as it provides an excellent alternative to currently available complex sensors worth thousands of dollars.

Researcher John Muth said that having a quantitative measure of hydration is important for athletes, military personnel, firefighters and in other professions with high degree of physical activity, and the new device efficiently tracks that in real time, reports Tech Crunch.

The sensor, which uses a silver nanowire to monitor the electric properties of skin, may also find application in finding the effectiveness of moisturizers in cosmetics, notes Gadget Vibe.