Nomadic driverless cars might be future homes

Jan 25, 2017, 4:24 AM EST
(Source: Automobile Italia/flickr)
(Source: Automobile Italia/flickr)

A San Francisco-based firm NewDealDesign has unveiled its futuristic concept, called Autonomics, which envisions a world where roaming autonomous cars would replace our homes while phones would serve as our permanent address. The framework presents an ambitious idea of moving, crawling communities, particularly in suburban America, with autonomous objects transforming not just transportation but also future businesses, services and brands.

The concept involves, one-wheeled “Leechbots” that are used as delivery vehicles and “ZoomRooms,” which are bus-sized rooms that act like mobile malls, allowing autonomous vehicles to attach to them and ride along, writes Tree Hugger.

Currently, extensive research is dedicated to developing autonomous vehicles but a recent study by Deloitte finds that about 74 percent of Americans are apprehensive about safety in driverless automotives and also there are concerns about how renewable sources would power the big fleet of new vehicles, reports Seeker.