Micro-robots giving new vision to eye surgeries

Jan 24, 2017, 3:27 AM EST
(Source: Army Medicine/flickr)
(Source: Army Medicine/flickr)

The doctors at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital in England are using Robotic Retinal Dissection Device (R2D2) to carry out procedures that require unprecedented precision while operating inside a human eye. Robert MacLaren, an ophthalmologist and professor at Oxford University, who plunged a tiny robot into one of his patient’s eyes last September, said his movements were improved and finessed by the bot. 

Over the last decade, the medical fraternity has embraced robot technology to perform surgeries requiring high degree of control, writes MIT Technology Review. But until now, the bulky size of the robots was a limitation, something that has been addressed by R2D2.

R2D2, developed by Preceyes BV, a Dutch medical robotics firm established by the University of Eindhoven, has not only improved the quality of eye surgery but also opened up the doors to new operations for which human hands lack necessary control and precision.