Tool that finds, organizes data from scattered files

Jan 20, 2017, 4:10 AM EST
(Source: Marc Smith/flickr)
(Source: Marc Smith/flickr)

A team of computer scientists has created a new system, called Data Civilizer, which sifts through many different data tables scattered across digital files and automatically finds connections between them, thus making the analysis of large data sets significantly simple and less time-consuming.

Explaining the merits of such a tool, Sam Madden, an M.I.T. professor of electrical engineering and computer science and faculty director of M.I.T.’s [email protected] initiative, says that Civilizer creates new, unified data sets after extracting relevant information from thousands of spreadsheets, databases, data lakes, and other software systems, reports SciTech Daily.

Iain Wallace, a senior informatics analyst at the drug company Merck, considers Civilizer as an interesting technology that holds great potential for large organizations that frequently require mining of useful data for analysis, MIT News.