A.I. software learning to develop A.I. software

Jan 20, 2017, 3:52 AM EST
(Source: A Health Blog/flickr)
(Source: A Health Blog/flickr)

The researchers at the Google Brain artificial intelligence research group are developing A.I. software that can learn to program machine learning software, a development that could reduce the resource burden on human programmers as well as make up for the serious shortfall of expertise in the field.

Jeff Dean, who leads the Google Brain research group, rates “automated machine learning” as one of the most promising research endeavors his team is pursuing, writes MIT Technology Review.

Other organizations such as the nonprofit research institute OpenAI (cofounded by Elon Musk), M.I.T. and the University of California, Berkeley, are also engaged in developing learning software that makes learning software.

Experts point out that offloading some of the programming work to A.I. software will significantly cut down the volume of data required to produce meaningful results, benefitting ventures like self-driving automobile systems owing to an improved learning curve, reports Tech Crunch