Techie remodels health-care Silicon Valley style

Jan 19, 2017, 3:52 AM EST
Adrian Aoun, former Googler and founder of San Francisco-based healthcare startup Forward.
(Source: Christopher Michel/flickr)

Forward, a San Francisco-based healthcare startup, founded by a serial entrepreneur and former Googler Adrian Aoun, provides a glimpse of how A.I. and connected tools will transform the appearance and functioning of a doctor’s office in the future. The startup’s state-of-the-art 3,500 square foot office, equipped with sophisticated gadgets, six lab rooms and an onsite laboratory for instant tests, resembles more an “Apple Store” than a medical facility.

Aoun says, “It’s concierge medicine, Silicon Valley style, for $149 a month,” notes MIT Technology Review. With a monthly fee, one can visit the doctors as many times as one need, a membership model that Aoun says is more affordable and beneficial, particularly to those without medical insurance.   

The members get unlimited access to Forward’s medical staff, baseline screening, blood and genetic testing, ongoing monitoring from wearable sensors provided at the clinic, support and access to its A.I., writes Tech Crunch.

The startup seeks to transform the model of primary healthcare from a “once-and-done” to an ongoing relationship between the doctor and the patient, with focus on preventive care, reports Forbes.