Smart glove that makes physical therapy a game

Jan 10, 2017, 1:54 AM EST
Mr Kyuhee Lee, Neofect, Republic of Korea
(Source: ITU Pictures/flickr)

South Korean health tech company, Neofect, has developed a smart glove that speeds up rehabilitation of stroke patients in a fun way. The Rapael Smart Glove, which comprises of in-built sensors, wraps around a patient’s hand and tracks its movements and positions. The data is shared via Bluetooth to an app that takes the user through a series of games and activities in a virtual reality environment, engaging specific muscles and tendons.

With games and activities such as playing cards, pouring wine and tossing baseballs, the patients are motivated through the rehab process, writes CNN tech. The app records the playtime, progress and success rate, enabling the user to track improvements in mobility.

The app’s games, which are developed from actual physical therapy games and exercises, are periodically updated depending upon the rehab needs of the user, notes CNET. Approved by the U.S. and S. Korean Food and Drug Administration, the Rapael comes in two versions, one for clinics and the other for home use.

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