Toyota new concept car offers “Kinetic Warmth”

Jan 09, 2017, 2:35 AM EST
(Source: Yohann Legrand/flickr)
(Source: Yohann Legrand/flickr)

When most of the carmakers are locked in a race for automation and connected technologies, Toyota has shown off a new concept car that embodies the philosophy of “Kinetic Warmth.” Named “Concept-I”, the car will feature an interactive A.I. agent called “Yui”, which engages with the owner both from the outside and the inside, building a “meaningful and human” relationship between man and machine.

Unveiling Concept-I at the C.E.S. show in Las Vegas, Bob Carter, senior vice president of automotive operations for Toyota, said that the company aims to develop something more than just technology on wheels, notes Geek Wire.  Carter added that the new concept car aims to build a vehicle-driver relationship, which is “warm, friendly, engaging, and immersive” rather than “cold, robotic and sterile.”

Ian Cartabiano, chief designer at Toyota's C.A.L.T.Y. design studio in Newport Beach, California, said that the car’s A.I. and Yui learn and adapt as they spend days, weeks and months with the driver, eventually creating a bond with interesting dynamics, writes Live Science. For example, over the time Yui learns about the driver’s preferences, it starts picking driver’s emotional state and adjusts driving and route for a relaxed commute and does much more.  

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