Razer shows gaming PC with 3 fold-out screens

Jan 06, 2017, 3:59 AM EST
(Source: Kuba Bożanowski/flickr)
(Source: Kuba Bożanowski/flickr)

Gaming PC maker Razer has come up with a concept laptop featuring two additional screens that slide out from the central display via an automatic mechanism. Project Valerie, claimed to be the first-of-its-kind, is just a prototype and the company has yet not set a release date or price. A Razer spokesman at the C.E.S. tech show in Las Vegas said that the idea of developing a multi-monitor laptop was “crazy” and the company decided to go ahead with it.

Jonathan Wagstaff, a gaming analyst at Context, who appeared impressed with the “unusual” design, said that the gamers commonly use more than one monitor these days, a factor that may push the demand for such a product, writes the BBC.

The two screens, which make the laptop a bit chunkier imparting it a 1.5in thickness in fold-up state, are not “rinky-dink additional displays” but 4K IGZO display, based on Nvidia’s G-Sync monitor technology for a perfect multi-display action, notes Wired.

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