New wearable “tastes” skin to monitor glucose

Jan 05, 2017, 1:49 AM EST
(Source: Robert Scoble/flickr)
(Source: Robert Scoble/flickr)

In what could be a major aid to many diabetics and athletes, a new wearable by PKvitality hinges to the user’s skin and absorbs a trace of fluid to measure blood sugar and lactic acid levels. The K'track Glucose wrist-worn tracker, priced at $149, saves the user from the pain of frequent finger pricks in addition to eliminating the cost of testing strips used in traditional glucose monitoring methods.

The K'track pierces tiny micro-needles into the outer layer of skin, draws the fluid and sends it to the sensors that measure the glucose levels and other stats, writes Live Science. The device shares the data via an app, allowing the users to keep track of their blood sugar level over time.

Earlier, Google and Apple have also announced products based on dermal piercing but the key difference here is that the technology is directly built into a wearable device, notes Chip Chick