Amazon lands patent for aerial warehouses

Dec 30, 2016, 2:04 AM EST
Amazon Air Drone
(Source: Mike Licht/flickr)

U.S. e-commerce giant Amazon has been awarded with a patent for giant floating warehouses, which the company plans to use as launch pads for commercial drone deliveries. The warehouses, equipped with fleets of drones and support vehicles for restocking, would be deployed in areas where Amazon expects a surge in demand.

The company, which carried out a trial run of commercial delivery using a drone earlier this month, said that its “airborne fulfillment centers (A.F.C.)” will ensure faster delivery of goods compared to ground-based warehouses, writes the BBC.

This is just another addition to a series of patents that Amazon has filed in relation to drone delivery, reports CNBC. In July, a patent showed that the company envisions tall buildings and structures as docking stations where drones will be recharged. Another patent shows that the tech firm is planning advanced communication systems for drones.

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