Samsung urges users to turn off Galaxy Note 7

Oct 11, 2016, 2:40 AM EDT
(Source: Mike Mozart/flickr)
(Source: Mike Mozart/flickr)

Samsung has urged the users of Galaxy Note 7 smartphone to power down the device following reports that the phones which were recently replaced were catching fire. The South Korean company announced that it will suspend global sales of the smartphone until it completes the investigation into the new reports. Several complaints of battery explosion prompted the firm to recall 2.5 million phones in September and exchange the devices with “safe” replacements.

Technology analyst Andrew Milroy of Frost & Sullivan said that the issue comes up at a crucial time for Samsung, writes the BBC. The “catastrophic” product fault may deal a huge blow to the company’s competitive position, as it tries to claw back into the smartphone market.

Dave Lee, BBC North American technology reporter, says the problem is not just limited to Note 7 but the episode has shaken consumers’ trust on Samsung’s wide range of products. To many, it is unbelievable that one of the world leaders in electronics has made such a huge safety error not once but twice.

After new reports, Samsung also faces questions over real cause of fire or explosion, notes The Guardian. Initially, the company blamed the batteries from a particular supplier for the incidents of fire and then said that it switched to batteries from another supplier. 

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