Suspected al-Shabab strike leaves six dead in Kenya

Oct 06, 2016, 3:09 AM EDT
Troops from the African Union Mission fighting al-Shabab in Somalia & Kenya.
(Source: AMISOM Public Information/flickr)

At least six people were killed after suspected al-Shabab militants launched an attack in the Mandera region in north-eastern Kenya on Thursday. The attackers used grenades to break in before opening fire at a public works site where about 35 people were present. Ali Roba, governor of Mandera County, praised quick response from the security guards, who timely rescued some 27 people from the site of attack.

Al-Shabab, an Islamist militant group engaged in armed conflict with the U.N.-backed government in Somalia, has carried out repeated strikes in neighboring Kenya, reports the BBC. Although the group didn’t claim responsibility for the assault, the nature and style of the attack suggested al-Shabab’s involvement.

The militant group has vowed to continue targeting Kenya until the country withdraws its security forces from Somalia where they are deployed as of an African force. Rising attacks from al-Shabab have not only claimed hundreds of lives in the past three years but also dealt a severe blow to Kenya’s tourism industry, writes Independent. Al-Shabab has struck areas not only along Kenya’s porous border with Somalia but also in popular coastal areas and the capital Nairobi.