London museum relives the Swinging Sixties era

Sep 08, 2016, 6:48 AM EDT
Victoria and Albert museum in London
(Source: Simon Gibson/flickr)

A new exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert museum takes people to the Swinging Sixties, which is hailed as Britain’s most iconic era when its young generation redefined the facets of fashion, music and art. The exhibition provides a glimpse of a generation, which embraced the “hippy values” of love and peace.

Organizers, who believe that 1960s catalyzed a big social change in the U.K., would be able to inspire the youth to infuse same love and joy into the present world, reports Al Jazeera. Maldwin Drummond, a British author, fondly recalls the era as the one marked with greater freedom not only for men but women also.

Martin Roth, Director of the V&A, says the “counterculture” of late 1960s still holds an incredible importance to our lives today, writes I News. The exhibition, a complete gallery to a revolutionary period, will close its doors next February and is expected to tour the world. San Francisco, which was the heart of the Hippy culture in 1967, is believed to host the collection.