Smart energy revolution to reduce U.K. blackouts

Aug 31, 2016, 6:27 AM EDT
(Source: B4bees .(2m views)/flickr)
(Source: B4bees .(2m views)/flickr)

National Grid's new U.K. chief, Nicola Shaw, said that a “smart energy” revolution will reduce the need to build conventional power stations in the U.K. and could address the country’s problem of frequent blackouts. Shaw added that the application of new controls and online software for a flexible use of generated power in households and businesses is giving rise to a “smart energy revolution” across Britain.
The World Energy Council has described the advances in energy software as the biggest change in the 21st century energy along with solar power, reports the BBC.  The smart energy revolution, which is already visible in many firms, involves a flexible use of power as per its availability at a given time.
For example, a signal could briefly turn off a freezer to smooth out a spike in demand at peak hours or another signal could turn on a washing machine when extra power is available from a renewable source during off-peak hours.
Shaw said that the energy industry is undergoing a real transformation, writes Belfast Telegraph. Energy, which has been traditionally generated at big organizations and then distributed to houses and business, is now being produced at the end points, mostly with solar power.