N.A.T.O. summit to focus on Russian threat

Jul 08, 2016, 8:35 AM EDT
(Source: Helmuts R/flickr)
(Source: Helmuts R/flickr)

Leaders of 28 N.A.T.O. nations are attending a two-day summit in Polish capital, Warsaw, to discuss a host of issues, the key among them being the perceived threat from a resurgent Russia. The military alliance is expected to authorize the deployment of four multinational combat battalions in eastern Europe in order to reassure the region against “fears of Russian encroachment.”

U.S. President Barack Obama called the ongoing summit “the most important moment” in the history of the transatlantic alliance since the end of cold war, writes The Guardian. After his meeting with E.U. leaders in Warsaw, Obama said “Brexit” will not impact the solidarity between the U.S. and Europe. He said he expected Britain to “orderly” exit from the bloc and continue to be a major contributor to European security.

The relation between N.A.T.O. and Russia became soured since the annexation of Crimea in March 2014 and deteriorated further with the involvement of Moscow-backed rebels in the fighting in eastern Ukraine, writes Euronews.

N.A.T.O. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance does not seek confrontation with any nation and vowed to continue dialogue with Russia, reports the BBC. Russia’s ambassador to N.A.T.O., Alexander Grushko, said the alliance’s decision may lead to “military consequences.”