Singapore universities nab top two ranks in Asia

Jun 21, 2016, 4:51 PM EDT
(Source: Takashi Matsumoto/flickr)
(Source: Takashi Matsumoto/flickr)
The latest ranking of Asian universities was released by Times Higher Education on Monday, and Singapore nabbed the top two spots. The National University of Singapore ranked #1, while its neighbor Nanyang Technological University tied for second with China’s Peking University – the highest positions for the two Singaporean institutions in the rankings’ four-year history. Universities in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea rounded out the rest of the top 10. 
This is yet another metric for how well Singapore is positioning itself to excel in the 21st century. Perhaps the biggest key to its universities' success is their integration with the wider world, namely the cutting-edge business community, but partnering with top-tier U.S. universities like Yale hsa given them another boost.
Singapore is already a major hub of innovation and STEM R&D in Asia, which is no accident, as Blouin News has covered extensively ( The government encourages and helps foreign firms set up innovation labs, partnering with local Singaporean universities. Some high schools have even changed their curriculum to better train their students for the skills that leading 3D printing firm Stratasys needs in its future employees. And as more firms set up innovation centers and regional branches based in Singapore, there will be more job opportunities for highly educated graduates with the right vocational skills.
This is how education should be structured. In an ever-more competitive global economy, students need to be able to get quality, skilled jobs in the industries of the future.