Report: Fat helps cut obesity, type 2 diabetes

May 23, 2016, 12:09 AM EDT
(Source: Daniel Oines/flickr)
(Source: Daniel Oines/flickr)

In a report, which has sparked an angry backlash from nutritionists, the National Obesity Forum claimed that a fat-rich diet doesn’t make an individual fat. The findings, derived after an analysis of 43 studies, calls on people to stop counting their calorie intake and include more fat in their diet.

People need to be informed about the health benefits of fat consumption, said Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a senior adviser to the National Obesity Forum, writes the BBC. He added that the promotion of low-fat foods has been the “biggest mistake” made by medical science.

Reacting strongly to the conclusions of the report, Public Health England's chief nutritionist Dr. Alison Tedstone dubbed it “irresponsible” to encourage people to switch to a high-fat diet and cut out carbohydrates. She accused the report of “cherry-picking” evidence as thousands of scientific studies have already established a correlation between fat and elevated cholesterol levels, a route to heart disease and possible death.

British Heart Foundation associate medical director Dr. Mike Knapton found the report “full of ideas and opinions” but lacking in comprehensive review of evidence, notes Mirror. The latest report also accused food and drink industry giants of colluding with Public Health England and corrupting its Eatwell Guide with “commercial influences.”