Russia blocks U.N. censure of North Korea

May 04, 2016, 6:52 AM EDT
(Source: Times Asi/flickr)
(Source: Times Asi/flickr)

Russia called for several amendments to a statement agreed upon by 14 other members of the United Nations Security Council, thereby blocking a condemnation of North Korea’s recent missile tests. The move comes within days after Liu Jieyi, U.N. Security Council President for April, announced that the body was mulling a suitable response to North Korea’s aggressive enhancement of its nuclear and missile capabilities.

Expressing his discontent, Britain's Deputy U.N. Ambassador Peter Wilson raised questions over Russia’s act at a time when the international community needs to take swift measures against the hostile North, writes Reuters. Justifying his country’s stand, Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin dubbed the amendments in draft council statement as “valuable input” and called on the U.S. to “scale down” its joint military exercise in the Korean peninsula.

Earlier, Russia and China had raised objections to a missile defense system, which is being installed by the U.S. in the Korean peninsula, reports Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Last Thursday, North Korea test-fired two mid-range ballistic missiles, both of which failed. The failed attempts were the latest in a string of nuclear and missile tests, which the North has been carrying out recently after it conducted a nuclear test in January.