Ebola cases appear in Liberia

Nov 20, 2015, 3:11 PM EST
Ebola virus particles
Ebola virus particles

Liberia rejoiced in September following the declaration that the country was Ebola-free, but three new cases of the virus have highlighted the struggle of West African nations to permanently rid themselves of the disease, and the persistence of the virus. Reuters reports that 11,300 people have been killed by Ebola, and that strict, emergency measures are being taken to isolate the patients and family members of them.

The news outlet quotes Liberia’s Minister of Health Bernice Dahn:

"The hospital is currently decontaminating the unit. All of the healthcare workers who came in contact with the patient have been notified…We know how Ebola spreads and we know to stop Ebola but we must remain vigilant and work together.”
The New York Times says that these cases are a setback for the country — one of the three hardest hit by the virus, documenting more than 4,800 deaths.
The Washington Post writes that a 10year-old boy and two of his siblings are the ones identified with Ebola having become sick on November 14. Bruce Aylward, the World Health Organization’s representative for the Ebola response has said that they don’t have much information about how those children would have contracted the virus, but an investigation continues.