Manuela Marques' Photos at Gallery Anne Barrault

Sep 02, 2015, 6:05 AM EDT
Manuela Marques, Sans titre, 2015, impression pigmentaire sur papier RC, 63 x 95 cm
(Courtesy of Galerie Anne Barrault)

Unconstrained by a theme or subject, Manuela Marques’ latest solo show highlights the photographer’s unique approach to artistic creation — one without restrictions or stilted similarities.

The show will be on view at Gallery Anne Barrault with images personally selected by Marques.

Viewers can look for meaning not in the differences of the broad subjects and techniques used, but in the similarities shared by these singular shots. “The object which is seen has an ambiguous status: it is the object that I see, because it is present to me, but at the same time, it is something else; it is this unfamiliar reality that cannot be completely apprehended by perception,” stated Marques.

While many of Marques images may share the subject of nature (including mossy pebbles, birds, and fruit trees), the execution of the images are dramatically different such as blurring in the foreground or a hardly visible background. Some images feature perishable subject, while other are unchanging.

Marques manipulates some of her images including showing a black shape of a bird against a blue background. The black figure of the bird, according to Gallery Anne Barrault, expresses “a kind of absence, which reveals a presence. As this void pulls us, the photograph expresses itself silently.”

The varied conditions for the viewer affect what is seen and thought about the image, and thus reality.

“Manuela Marques. Fruit, birds, stones and a cage” is on view at Anne Barrault Gallery in Paris from September 5-October 10.

-- Rachel Will