Gaza truce goes into force, hours after clash

Jul 17, 2014, 7:42 AM EDT
An Israeli soldier prays after helping fire artillery shells into Gaza on July 17, 2014 near Sderot, Israel. As the Israeli operation 'Protective Edge' enters its tenth day, the body count in Gaza has reach over 200 people. One Israeli has been killed in a Mortar attack.
AFP/Getty Images

Palestinians rushed to shops and banks on Thursday as a five-hour humanitarian truce agreed by Israel and Hamas came into force, hours after the Israeli military said it had fought off gunmen who infiltrated from Gaza. During the ceasefire, air raid sirens went off briefly in southern Israel and the military said three mortars landed in open areas, but the truce appeared to be generally holding. No group in Gaza claimed responsibility for the mortar fire and there were no reports of Israeli retaliation.


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