Glam poolside fashion: Giulietta Resort 2015

Jun 05, 2014, 7:58 AM EDT
Looks from Giulietta Resort 2015.
(Courtesy Giulietta)

Fashion designer Sofia Sizzi has a self-described “fixation” on 1960s movies and cinematography, the spirit of which her label Giulietta tries to encapsulate, so for Resort 2015 she reached back to her favorite movie, La Piscine, picking the star of that classic film,Romy Schneider, as her muse.

Speaking to BLOUIN Artinfo in her showroom in SoHo, Sizzi said: “She’s one of my favorite actresses. She had this amazing elegance to her persona, but I really love how even though everything in the movie happened in the house and the pool, she was wearing glamorous and chic clothes like a lamé dress with a really deep-V open back. I think with Alain Delon they were one of the most beautiful couples ever.”

With a palette of white, burgundy, navy and black, the pieces are elegant and sometimes glamorous — like in the case of the gold blazer with a contrast black lapel — but modern and easy to wear, like a calf-length cream culotte. The luxurious materials of silk, crepe de chine, and a cute polka-dot jacquard, are cut with classic lines, skimming the body yet swinging fluidly with the body’s movement.

“I love the duality of the collection. There’s a big European root to the inspiration; at the same time I like the minimalism of [American sportswear],” explained Sizzi, who moved to New York from her hometown of Florence, Italy about 14 years ago. “Here, you see ruffles on a long dress that has a very linear cut. In my heyday I could have shown up to work in a gown just because I felt like it.”

The film buff with a flair for the dramatic also finds inspiration in architecture. Last Spring, her skirts were intricately constructed with pleating and intarsia to recreate the design of Florence’s Duomo and other Renaissance buildings. Sizzi notes: “In general I believe structure plays a big role in how clothes fit on the body.”

-- Michelle Tay