Group: Rwanda continues to aid Congo rebels

Jul 23, 2013, 7:51 AM EDT
REUTERS/James Akena

GOMA, Congo (AP) — A new report from Human Rights Watch says the M23 rebel group in eastern Congo continues to receive significant support from neighboring Rwanda despite ongoing abuses including killings, rape and forced recruitment of children.

The report released Monday says the group has summarily executed at least 44 people and raped at least 61 women and girls since March.

A United Nations expert panel reported in June that Rwanda's support for M23 had declined in recent months, but HRW said the group still received training and supplies and was able to recruit in Rwanda.

The report comes amid fresh rounds of fighting between M23 and Congo's army, including clashes 14 miles north of Goma on Monday.

Rwanda's government and M23 have consistently denied HRW's allegations.