Police confirm blast in Prague caused by gas leak

May 09, 2013, 8:05 AM EDT
Firemen work at the scene of a strong blast in a building in the centre of Prague, Czech Republic, Monday, April 29, 2013. After the explosion, probably caused by gas leak, there are some 40 injuries, mostly light. The blast broke windows in a broad vicinity, a number of people have been cut by the glass. Rescuers are still looking for possible people under the debris. (AP Photo/CTK, Stanislav Zbynek)
(AP Photo/CTK, Stanislav Zbynek)

PRAGUE (AP) — Investigators have confirmed that the blast last week that ripped open a central Prague office building and injured some 40 people was caused by a gas leak.

Police spokesman Jan Danek says the gas leaked from an underground pipeline located several meters from the damaged building.

Danek didn't give further details Thursday. He says the investigation has not been concluded but authorities believe it was an accident.

The April 29 explosion badly damaged the building, which belongs to the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic. It shattered windows in the surrounding area, including the National Theater.

Six foreigners were among the injured.

Authorities had ruled out a terrorist attack.