• N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his S. Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in pledged to “write a new chapter” in history as they held a landmark summit, aimed at restoring peace between the two nations, technically still at war.

    N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un meets his S. Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in.
    LAST UPDATE : Apr 27, 2018, 6:57 AM EDT
  • South Korea’s former President Park Geun-hye ruled guilty of abuse of power and coercion.

    South Korea’s former President Park Geun-hye has been awarded a 24-year jail sentence after the court found her guilty of 16 out of 18 charges, most of them related to corruption, bribery and abuse of power.

    LAST UPDATE : Apr 06, 2018, 7:38 AM EDT
  • Earlier this month S. Korean officials met N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

    The officials from North and South Korea issued a joint statement on Thursday, announcing that the leaders of the two countries will meet at a summit to be held in the border village of Panmunjom on April 27.

    LAST UPDATE : Mar 29, 2018, 7:10 AM EDT
  • North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on Monday.

    China’s state news agency confirmed that N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited Beijing on Monday, where he met his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and pledged to denuclearize the Korean region.

    LAST UPDATE : Mar 28, 2018, 7:11 AM EDT
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping warned that Taiwan will face the “punishment of history.”

    In a vehement closing speech in the parliament, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned the “enemies” against their bid to split China, adding that the separatist drives are doomed to fail.

    LAST UPDATE : Mar 20, 2018, 7:16 AM EDT
  • South Korean delegates met N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

    In a historic meeting with S. Korean delegation in Pyongyang on Monday, the North’s leader Kim Jong-un said he wants to “vigorously advance” the inter-Korean ties and “write a new history of national reunification.”

    LAST UPDATE : Mar 06, 2018, 6:06 AM EST
  • Kim Yo Jong, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister invited S. Korean president to Pyongyang.

    N. Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un lauded “sincere” efforts by the South after the return of its Winter Olympics delegation and gave instructions to liven up “the warm climate of reconciliation and dialogue.”

    LAST UPDATE : Feb 13, 2018, 6:19 AM EST
  • Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence recently attended Winter Olympics in S. Korea.

    U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said on Monday that Washington is open to diplomatic engagements with North Korea while simultaneously ramping up pressure on the “rogue state’s” economy.

    LAST UPDATE : Feb 12, 2018, 6:32 AM EST
  • Kim Yo-jong might be bringing a message from N. Korean leader.

    In a sign that shows N. Korean leader’s seriousness over mending ties with Seoul, his sister and senior Worker’s Party functionary, Kim Yo-jong, will attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in the South.

    LAST UPDATE : Feb 07, 2018, 6:30 AM EST
  • Maldives President Abdulla Yameen refused to implement Supreme Court order to free jailed opposition leaders.

    A week-long political upheaval in the Maldives escalated on Monday after President Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency following his tussle with the Supreme Court over the release of jailed political dissidents.

    LAST UPDATE : Feb 06, 2018, 6:15 AM EST