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A Korean-American man stole state’s nuclear-related data.

South Sudan's Vice President Riek Machar

Had earlier rebuked country's leaders for delaying peace efforts. 

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Calls beheading of a Canadian citizen act of cold-blooded murder. 

China’s President Xi Jinping

Says won't allow chaos or war to break out in the Korean peninsula. 



Attendees at the 2015 Global Citizen Earth Day concert in Washington, D.C.

by Erin Wright But in Europe, fewer identifying as citizens of the world.

Palestine’s President Mahmoud Abbas

Israel’s P.M. Netanyahu had earlier dismissed French peace plan. 

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Tens of billions of dollars are going to transfer generations from old to young by 2050 in the U.S. alone. Meaning there is even more potential for the millennial generation to engender social change.