The development puts Chancellor Angela Merkel's fourth term in doubt.

Germany faces the prospects of fresh election as coalition talks between Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU bloc, the pro-business FDP and the Greens crumbled following four weeks of negotiations on Sunday.

Last month, the Supreme Court overturned President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in August polls.

Kenyans are voting for the second time in a span of about two months as thousands of security personnel safeguard polling stations while opposition supporters hold protests and attempt to thwart the presidential polls.

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A team of rescuers digs through the rubble of a collapsed school in Mexico City in hushed silence as they race against time to save a 13-year-old girl and other unknown survivors trapped beneath the wreckage.

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In a stark reversal from his critical view of Beijing over trade deficit, Trump absolved China of any wrongdoing, instead crediting the Asian state for taking advantage of another country for the benefits of its own citizens.

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Spain’s move to impose a direct rule in Catalonia faces a crucial test on Monday as uncertainty builds over whether the functioning of the regional institutions will be hampered by calls for mass civil disobedience.

The loss of Deir al-Zour deals a big blow to IS, which took over huge swathes of the city in 2014.

Last month, IS fighters were pushed back from its de facto headquarters in the city of Raqqa while a series of defeats against the Iraqi forces on another front has also deteriorated the outfit’s grip in the region.

U.S. President Donald Trump's speech contrasted Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s address on subjects of globalization and multilateralism.

In a blunt speech at the Apec summit in Vietnam, President Donald Trump called on the member nations to “abide by fair reciprocal trade,” adding that the U.S. will no longer tolerate “chronic trade abuses.”