U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron

Repercussions of Brexit were immediately visible.

 (Source: Diariocritico de Venezuela/flickr)

Bama camp shelters 24,000 refugees who fled Boko Harm attacks. 

(Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos)

Marks major headway in ending 5 decades of bloody conflict.

Security forces in pursuit of Abu Sayyaf militants

Notorious Abu Sayyaf group abducted four people last September.



Syrian refugee camp, Karkosik Erbil

The annual report by the United Nations refugee agency drew attention to the failure of nations in finding collecting solutions to cope with a deepening migrant crisis not only in Europe but across the world. 

(Source: The U.S. Army/flickr)

Jordan's five intelligence officials were killed two weeks ago. 



Tributes for victims of Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando

U.S. Senate voted down four gun control measures.