Democrat Hillary Clinton

In an hour-long acceptance speech, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton listed the risks to American prosperity, assuring that the country will "rise to the challenges, as it always has." 


Boko Haram bombing in 2014

Violence forces thousands to leave their homes in crisis-hit Nigeria. 


#NiUnaMenos “Not one less” campaign

Recent killings of three 12-year-old girls sparked nationwide protests.

Cardinal George Pell

Country’s public broadcaster aired details of alleged child abuses. 

Tributes for terror victims in France

Radicalized 19-year-old attacker was on a security agencies' watch-list. 

Violence intensifies in Syria

About 300,000 civilians trapped as violence intensifies in rebel-held city.

U.S. President Barack Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama condemned the killing of three policemen in the city of Baton Rouge in Louisiana and urged all Americans to unite and refrain from divisive rhetoric and actions.