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by Juliana Kenny Facebook's satellite-based, web-delivering project in Africa spotlights other work that aims to educate the next digital generation.Personal Tech,Uncategorized,Africa,Africa Code Week,Code4CT,coding,digital literacy,digital literacy Africa,Eutelsat,Facebook,girls who code,internet connectivity,,SAP,satellite,social network,web connectivity,Juliana Kenny

  • by Juliana Kenny China's government has pledged billions of dollars for internet infrastructure overhaul, and the private sector is on board.Enterprise Tech,china,China Telecom,chinese internet investment,internet,internet censorship,internet investment,NDRC,United States,web infrastructure,Xi Jinping,Juliana Kenny

  • ​by Juliana Kenny Startups are increasingly looking at ways to restructure student lending.Personal Tech,financial stability,Gradifi,recession,refinancing,Social Finance,SoFi,startups,student debt,student debt crisis,student loans,technology startups,Tencent,Juliana Kenny

  • Google's operating system is by far the most popular for mobile devices on Earth.

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by Juliana Kenny The Chinese web search company is looking at its options around the world, and at supplying multiple technological products.

The debate continues over whether or not appliance manufacturers specifically design products to degenerate.

Facebook sign-in page.

Facebook founder's said initiative would help refugees access aid and maintain family links.

A customer plays a game on a Xiaomi Mi Pad tablet at a Xiaomi service center in Beijing on August 5, 2015.

Hi-tech firms are banding together to make sure "internet of things" smart devices are safe to use.

  • A myriad of projects targets delivering more wireless internet to public spaces across India.

  • Professor Jean Camp ruminates over why college tuition in the U.S. is vastly expensive.

  • Google's continued expansion of its speedy web service in the U.S. warrants a look at the state of internet speeds around the world.