A social network graph. (Source: justgrimes/flickr)

by Juliana Kenny A report shows that criminal risk assessments are biased against black people.

Tony Fadell, Founder & CEO, Nest Labs. (Source: OFFICIAL LEWEB PHOTOS/flickr)

by Juliana Kenny The open-source project aims to bring on IoT developers.

Pylon. (Source: Lennart Tange/flickr)

by Juliana Kenny With more smart grids comes the increased chance for cyber crime.

Mark Zuckerberg. (Source: Alessio Jacona/flickr)

by Juliana Kenny The company met with conservative leaders to discuss its "trust issues."

Project Ara Spiral 2 Prototype. (Source: Maurizio Pesce/flickr)

by Juliana Kenny The modular smartphone has been in the works for years.