Protests in the Gujarat state have resulted in the government blockage of mobile messaging systems.Media Tech,Ahmedabad,Bahrain,Egypt,Gujarat,Hardik Patel,India,internet access,internet messaging,internet-based turmoil,Iran,Libya,mobile internet,Patel,Saudi Arabia,Syria,Tunisia,virtual private networks,Whatsapp,wi-fi,Juliana Kenny
  • The IDC looks at tablets' presence in India and their anticipated worldwide slump in shipments.Uncategorized,2-in-1,Bureau of Indian Standards,detachables,IBall,India,International Data Corporation,iPad,microsoft,microsoft surface,microsoft surface pro,Microsoft Windows,operating system,Sony Tablet,Tablet computer,tablets,Juliana Kenny

  • The website was blocked for a day following a request from a small town that a page be changed.Media Tech,censorship,Facebook,Google,Internet service providers,Moscow,Russia,russia internet,russia internet censorship,russia web censorship,russian web censorship,secure HTTPS protocol,United States,Wikimedia Foundation,Wikipedia,Juliana Kenny
  • Gartner's latest hype cycle report shows autonomous vehicles and the internet of things at the top of the peak of inflated expectation.Enterprise Tech,autonomous cars,autonomous vehicles,big data,connected home solutions,driverless car campaign,driverless cars,Gartner,Google,Hype cycle,internet of everything,Internet of Things,iot,smart home devices,smarthome,Juliana Kenny
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A number of projects -- many funded by the government -- are working to connect the "last mile" of the U.S. population.

Controversy still surrounds tech giants' sustainable and renewable practices.

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot offers more than the stereotypical Hollywood-hacker or socially awkward anarchist with a complex.

Software and hardware are flourishing designed to prevent drunk or stoned drivers from operating vehicles.