Jakarta, Indonesia.

by Michael Lerner The country's plan to build a "Giant Sea Wall" and 17 artificial islands is being revised.

Presidents Jacob Zuma of South Africa (L) and Hassan Rouhani of Iran (R).

by Michael Lerner The two countries want to surpass their pre-sanctions level of bilateral trade.

Spain's flag

After months-long coalition talks failed on Tuesday, repeat elections are likely to be held on June 26. 


India’s National Museum of Natural History, prior to the fire. (Source: Craig Dietrich/flickr)

by Michael Lerner Due to neglect, the water pumps did not work, meaning the blaze spread rapidly to six floors.

Serbia’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic

Pollsters' projections show his party winning 50 percent of the votes. 

A man watches destruction caused by an airstrike in Al Kelaseh neighbourhood in Aleppo.

Syrian gov't forces hit a medical facility used for rescue operations.

Republican Donald Trump

The Republican Donald Trump slammed Obama regime for a rudderless foreign strategy.