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  • Kyocera’s 2.3MW floating solar panel array in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, May 24, 2015. Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

    Floating solar panels are more efficient than land-based ones, and also reduce water evaporation.Uncategorized,Australia,Brazil,floating solar panels,floatovoltaics,GEPS Techno,Japan,Kyocera,Renewable energy,South Korea,U.S.,Michael Lerner

    Published Date : Jul 10, 2015, 4:26 PM EDT
  • Photovoltaic panels in Kathu, Northern Cape, South Africa, on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

    A surprisingly varied collection of countries and regions around the world have already achieved this goal.Global Economy,Belgium,Costa Rica,Denmark,Djibouti,Geothermal energy,Hawaii,hydropower,Iceland,Kodiak Island,Mozambique,Norway,RE100,Renewable energy,Samoa,Solar energy,Tasmania,Tokelau,Michael Lerner

    Published Date : Jun 05, 2015, 4:22 PM EDT