The U.S. coffee giant is moving from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom at the end of this year – as the British government praises its economic policies. Europe,U.S.,Chancellor of the Exchequer,G-20,George Osborne,Netherlands,Starbucks,Tax avoidance,U.K. government,United Kingdom,Alex Erquicia
  • If the country is serious about its 6.1% growth target for 2014, it needs better ideas.Africa,Deflation,Inflation,International Monetary Fund,Robert Mugabe,The Herald,Zanu-PF party,Zimbabwe,Zimbabwe Stock Exchange industrial,Alex Erquicia

  • Overwhelming demand by young unemployed Europeans -- mainly from Spain -- has forced Germany to cancel a program that combined apprenticeships and job training for the youth.Europe,Angela Merkel,Berlin,European sovereign debt crisis,European Union,Germany,Spain,Youth unemployment,Alex Erquicia
  • The World Trade Organization raises its forecast for growth in global trade, which is showing some positive signs. Global Economy,Doha Development Round,International Monetary Fund,Power Player,Roberto Azevedo,Trade pact,World Trade Organization,Alex Erquicia

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan wants the governor of the central bank of Nigeria out while he tries to extend his stay as long as possible.

Panama Canal

An initial, temporary agreement may be close, but analysts say that the consequences will be long-lasting.

A general view shows the Zawiya oil installation on August 22, 2013 in Zawiya, Libya.

Government forced to draw on reserves as oil exports fall to just 110,000 barrels a day.