One of Alley's NYC co-working spaces. (Source: Alley)

Jason Saltzman, CEO of Alley, describes how the firm is really a growing community with a co-working space.U.S.,Alley,co-working,entrepreneurs,Innovation,Jason Saltzman,NYC,startups,Michael Lerner

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by Michael Lerner Hundreds of artisanal miners attacked AngloGold's idled Obuasi mine; 1 dead.

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The firm is moving away from its traditional business of selling chips used in personal computers. 


After revealing that it had been cheating on fuel economy tests for up to 25 years, its stock tanked. 

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AB InBev plans to sell the eastern European assets of SABMiller as it seeks regulatory approval for merger.

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Prince Mohammed bin Salman said the company was worth between $2 trillion and $3 trillion.

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The Justice Department filed a lawsuit last month to block the deal on antitrust grounds.