Bank of Japan, Tokyo

The bank keeps negative deposit rate unchanged and decides to buy long-term government bonds.

Kampala, Uganda. (Source: flöschen/flikcr)

By Michael Lerner Uber hopes to win over customers and reduce Kampala's heavy traffic simultaneously.

Valeant ex-CEO Michael Pearson.

Michael Pearson's severance package was $9 million plus this opportunity.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Despite a number of stimulus measures, Japan’s core inflation slumped for the fifth consecutive month in July. 

(Source: Andrew/flickr)

The E.U. says Apple's tax deals with Ireland amounted to state aid and might have breached the bloc's laws.

(Source: Pieter van Marion/flickr)

By Michael Lerner The tentative deal to sell Tehran 100 passenger aircraft will need Washington's approval.

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New report finds that about one in three firms surveyed thought their busineess would be negatively impacted.