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In the U.S., Wall Street recorded its second biggest fall of the year, with European & Asian peers echoing the trend.

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By Michael Lerner Uber hopes to win over customers and reduce Kampala's heavy traffic simultaneously.

J&F's owners, Joesley and Wesley Batista, admitted bribing politicians.

A massive corruption investigation found the firm guilty of involvement in the country’s graft scandals.

Starbucks runs 2,800 stores in China, of which 1,500 are already fully company-owned.

The decision comes after Starbucks posted a decline of 8.3 percent in its net income for three months up to July.

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Markets regulator proposed relaxing the conditions that sovereign-owned companies must meet to list shares.

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The OPEC nations expected to agree on continuing the current production curbs for next nine months.  

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Social media giant says its video platform will do away with the “passive” element in watching the shows.