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EU states strike deal to set up closed migrant centers

Jun 29, 2018, 7:24 AM EDT
German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted the EU leaders are divided over migration issue.
(Source: EU2017EE Estonian Presidency/flickr)

A round of marathon talks at an EU summit ended on Friday with the bloc members reaching an agreement on building closed migrant centers to process asylum claims, however, the deal lacked in specifics over which countries will host these facilities.

The leaders agreed to share out migrants on a voluntary basis and to shoulder the burden of Italy, which prior to the deal, had threatened to veto the summit’s entire agenda if it didn’t get more help to manage migrants arriving through the Mediterranean, reports the BBC.

The EU leaders also pledged to explore a partnership with non-EU states in Africa to set up migrant processing centers for the which EU funds would be available, writes The Guardian.