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This “trashy” street art in Lisbon store is pure gold

Nov 21, 2017, 5:50 AM EST
Bordalo II's trash animal sculptures in Portugal streets
(Source: Artur Bordalo/https://inhabitat.com)

A deserted warehouse in Lisbon has come to life with some stunning street art by Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo, who uses a potpourri of discarded plastics and other wastes to craft vibrant animal figures.

Bordalo’s solo exhibition, entitled Attero, draws attention to wastefulness using giant animal sculptures, which is a way to manifest the link between the adverse effects of polluting trash and the ones vulnerable to it, writes Inhabitat.

The exhibition encourages social introspection into the consumerist culture, prompting us to reconsider if we should be a party to the degradation of resources that nature has bestowed us with.