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Las Vegas carnage: Shooter’s partner ‘had no clue’ of attack

Oct 05, 2017, 6:10 AM EDT
Vigil following mass shooting in Las Vegas
(Source: euronews/flickr)

The girlfriend of the gunman, who rained thousands of bullets on an open-air concert in Las Vegas killing 58 people on Sunday, said she had no prior knowledge of her partner’ horrible plan.

Marilou Danley flew back to the U.S. from the Philippines on Tuesday and has been identified by the FBI as a “person of interest” and not a suspect. Given that more than 40 guns and other explosives were recovered from attacker’s hotel room and home, the investigators are not ruling out any possible accomplices, notes the BBC.

Attacker Stephen Paddock, who was apparently living a separate “secret life,” had also planned an escape bid after the shooting spree.  However, in the absence of any links with international terror outfits, the shooter’s motivations still remain a mystery, writes The Guardian